I have this fantasy buzzing around in my head – London escorts


It is basically a threesome with a couple of older guys. My fantasy all started as a bit of kinky dream, and now seems to have taken on a world of its own. It all started one evening when things were really quiet at London escorts of https://charlotteaction.org, and I fell asleep waiting for one of my dates. I started to dream that I was 17 years old again, and these two older guys that I had met in a pub, were training me to be there ideal playmate.

There was something about my dream that stuck in the back of my mind, and when I woke up from my dream, I was soaking wet and in no fit state to meet my man at London escorts. I was so horny that I spent the next 10 minutes trying to calm down in a cool shower and playing with my waterproof vibrator. Really I should not have bothered with my vibrator, because as soon as I touched myself, I came.

The dream keeps coming back to me, and I still fall asleep when I am on my shift at London escorts. In the last dream, I were together with the two guys. The funny thing is that I can see everything. In the dream I was laid on my side wearing a black top with my tits hanging out, and a chain with nipple clamps. Normally I would always wear stilettos, but on this occasion I just had these silly little pop socks on me. We were doing a DP, and I could see I was leaning back to let them make the most of it.

Another dream which I had when I spent the night at my London escorts boudoir was about the two guys as well. In this dream, I had just come off a flight and they had picked me up. I was sitting on the back seat with one of them while the other guy was driving the car which had black out windows. The guy on the back seat had inserted a remote control love egg in me, and I was sitting there letting him satisfy me. It was really kinky and I thought I would love to do that.

The thing is, I have got into my head that it is a forward flash if you like to my future. I know that I am older than 17, but I think I am going to meet these guys. Good sex is a major part of my life, and I love going to sexy parties in and around London. I don’t know why, but I have this feeling that I am going to meet these two guys at one of the parties I go to on a regular basis. Yes, I know it all sounds a bit strange and kinky, but I just have this feeling that I have a sexually exciting experience waiting for me one night when I have finish my shift at London escorts.

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