I would love to be a bikini model – London Escorts

I am not sure what you are looking for tonight, but this evening I am in the mood to be your model. Some girls like me have this passion to be photographed, and at the moment I really do feel that the model in me would like to come out to play. If you happen to have a camera around, maybe I could come over to your place so that you can take some pictures. You see, I am one of the girls at London escort who would still like to fulfill her dreams.


What are my dreams? More than anything I would love to be a bikini model. I guess I am not the only girl at London escorts who have got modelling dreams but I am the only girl who likes to take her dreams out so that you can play with them. Just so that you know, I have a whole range of differences bikinis that we can have fun with, and if you don’t want me to wear a bikini, I can wear something else.


What do I look like? Well, I have long very slim legs but I am not sure that it is the first thing you will notice about me. Perhaps you will notice my other assets first. I must admit that most of the gentlemen I hook up with at London escorts seem to notice my front assets before they notice anything else. But then again, a pair of 34 DD’s do have a tendency to stand out at least a little bit. On closer inspection, you will notice that they are not the only physical assets that I have.


Do you like girls with long blond hair? I really hope that you do. When it cones to blond hair, I am one of the few girls at London escorts who have got naturally blond hair. Does it cover all of my body? Once again I like to be a good girl and tell you the truth. Not all of my blond hair covers all of my body, and that can make things more interesting. Like I like to say, it all gives you better visibility and a clearer image of me. You will see what I mean when we meet up.


So, have you found your camera yet? If you have not found your camera yet, you can always borrow mine. After we have finished our little photo session, we can have some fun doing other things I you would like to. The girls at London escorts are into all sort of exciting adult adventure and if you would like to share an adventure with me, you need to know that I am a very open minded sort of girl. What does that mean? When you and I get together, you will find out exactly what that means and I would love you to find out because I think that you would enjoy my company.

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