Escorts Talk About Lady Disorders

There is a whole range of disorders that can affect women says Amalena from London escorts.

The truth is that many women are not aware of the amount of disorders that they can affect them. Also a lot of women put up with things when really don’t have to. My cousin started to go through the menopause and had tons of funny symptoms. She totally lost her libido and felt very unwell. Her doctor tried to help, but was not really successful at all. The girls here at London escorts know that my sister felt really bad as she became more or less suicidal.

Life is never easy when you are a woman, and the girls here at London escorts do appreciate that. Sometimes when we date gents, we have to listen to them complaining about the many conditions that their wives suffer from. I am sure that it is not nice for the gents, but it is no nice for the wives neith. Most of them find it really hard to understand what is wrong with their wives. I have the funny feeling that the girls here at London escorts are a bit more sympathetic and appreciate what it is like.

In the end, my cousin went to see a naturopath and got loads of help. She felt much better with a couple of weeks and started to enjoy life again. One of the girls here at London escorts is really dedicated to natural medicine, but I am not sure that it is for everybody. Some women react really well to natural medicine and then you get some ladies that don’t. Just like other ladies, the girls here at London escorts have had their fair share of health challenges. It is just part of life, and may not be pleasant. Personally I suffer from allergies and I know that it can be tough to control health problems.

One of the girls that I work with at London escorts recently started to suffer from arthritis. For some reason, her oestrogen level dropped and that triggered arthritis. That only happens to ladies and can be very difficult to get right. Her doctor has now changed her medication, and she seems to be feeling a bit better. I am sure that many girls are scared of going to the doctor, but modern medicine is excellent and most of the time, things can be dealt with easily.

We work pretty long hours here at London escorts, and I am sure that many of the girls at the agency do get tired. I think that women suffer from exhaustion more than men do, and I am sure that men do not always recognize that at all. The truth is that exhaustion is very much a female health issue. Taking a good quality vitamin B complex helps a lot and I do that all of the time.

Exhaustion can come from many things, and it is important to find out what triggers is. Once you have done that, you can change your lifestyle and learn how to live a much healthier life. It is not going to happen overnight, but small changes can lead to very positive results. So it is never to late to start.

What Is Necrophilia?

Necrophilia is the term used to describe sexual acts involving corpses (whether directly or indirectly) as well as the sexual attraction to corpses, whether or not one acts upon said attraction. Although necrophilia is currently listed as a mental disorder in the DSM, its classification as such is highly debated by mental health professionals. Many of those who identify as necrophiliacs may attest that their sexual urges do not directly impact their quality of life.

It is currently unknown what causes one to express a sexual interest in dead bodies as little successful research has been conducted on the matter. However, research has been conducted which has given us a glimpse into the sexual preferences that precede necrophilia in the first place. For example, a team of professionals surveyed a variety of self-proclaimed necrophiliacs regarding their perceived reasoning for their preferences. A large majority of applicants stated that they prefer a sexual partner who will not resist their advances. Although we know a bit about necrophiliacs’ sexual preferences, there is still more research to be done.

Is It Normal?

Necrophilia is abnormal in the sense that it is not a common occurrence. While one cannot be entirely sure that those who claim they have no such desires are being completely honest, the amount of the population which admits to having such thoughts is extremely low. On the other hand, necrophilia tends to be viewed more favorably by those outside of the demographic when compared to some other instances of paraphilia (pedophilia, etc.).

You’ll notice that, unlike other paraphilia cases, many countries actually have no federal laws directly banning the act, perhaps suggesting that lawmakers and the general public aren’t outright concerned with such acts. So, while nercophilia isn’t “normal” in the traditional sense of the word, many countries and societies will, at the very least, allow it to take place within the confines of one’s own home. At the same time, other laws (such as those against grave robbing) may make it hard for one to commit such acts in the first place, though this has no bearing on necrophilia’s legality or general acceptance.

Can Necrophilia Be Treated?

Typically, necrophiliacs aren’t likely to seek out treatment, as such sexual desire is unlikely to harm the person in question or those in the person’s close vicinity. However, those who wish to be rid of their sexual urges may seek out treatment to varied success. Although treatment for necrophilia isn’t yet a perfected science, some patients have achieved success through professional treatments.

Through a mix of therapy, drug and hypnosis treatments, a necrophiliac may find that their sexual urges aren’t always mandatory. However, the success rate among such treatments is far from 100%. Future success rates will likely climb as necrophilia becomes more understood by mental health care professionals.

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