Why do you look so sad?

I think that you look really down in the dumps as they say in English. Without you knowing it, I have been following you down the road for the last 20 minutes. You are sort of walking with your head hanging down, and looking at your feet. To be honest, I am wondering what is going on in your life that could possibly make you feel so bad about yourself. Every so often you stop and look at your phone. Are you looking for a friend this afternoon? In that case, all you need to do is to call https://cityofeve.com London escorts.

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You seem so distracted that you may not even have heard the gentle tap of my heels on the pavement. I am only about two metres behind you, but you are not looking around at all. Today I am wearing one of my favorite perfumes. It was a gift from one of the gents that I meet at London escorts, and I love it. The perfume is one of those that wafts and drifts a lot and I would have thought that you may have picked up by now.

Looking at your suit, it looks like you have had a bit of a rough time of late. I have been dating gents at London escorts for such a long time now that I know how to pick up on all of the tell tale signs of a gent in distress. That kind of describes you to a T, if you like. You keep stroking your hair back and it looks like it has not been cut for a while. Have you had too much to do, or is something else going on.

I hope that you don’t think that I am a stalker at all. As it is, I would like to quicken my pace a little bit, walk past you and give you a smile. I think that is what you need right now. Hopefully you will notice my long blond hair, spot my blue eyes and see that there is a genuine smile in them. I am not expecting you to follow me back to my London escorts boudoir, but you could if you would like to. Perhaps a smile would just make you feel better.

You have stopped and I have stopped as well. I am pretending to look at a window display. At the same time, I am glancing at you. You are looking at your phone and I think that you may be expecting a call at any time. I can sense your anxiety from this distance and I am sure that you are anxious for a very good reason. Your phone is ringing now and I can see a smile on your face. You have placed your left hand in your head, and you are smiling even more now. All of a sudden you punch the air in front of you. I can hear you say that you have got the job. Well, good for you and congratulations, would you like a date with a hot girl from London escorts to celebrate your good news???

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